Quick heads up: This is an old blog post from 2015.  We only have a couple of the hipster pants left.  Email me at hello@trendylittlesweethearts.com if you’d like to inquire about a pair of them.  Thank you!

The inspiration for our Walk the Dog Collection stems from daily life in Downtown LA (lovingly called DTLA by locals).  DTLA is an eclectic mix of urban & chic, trendy & down-to-earth, style, people, and straight-up attitude.


One thing I do A LOT in my DTLA life is walk my dogs.  We have walked the city blocks surrounding my loft more times than I could ever count, and never do we have the same experience twice.

This easily poured into picking pieces for our Walk the Dog experience.  In our story, Max rolls out of bed to walk his dog on a daily basis, and Maddie visits the local shelter since she doesn’t have a dog of her own.   Continue reading →

I had the chance to do one of the coolest things I have yet done this past Sunday with Shawn, Miya, and Bauer.  We joined some of Miya’s friends from school, and some new friends we’ve recently made, at South LA Animal Services to read to dogs!  It was a heart-warming, simple afternoon.

The premise behind our Read to Dogs event was to have young children and their families bring their favorite book to the shelter and connect with dogs who are looking for forever homes.

Through this fun and light-hearted event, dogs who are kenneled most of the day get a chance to relax, and children learn that they can make a difference, even at a young age.   Continue reading →