QUICK NOTE: This three part series is specific to our kid’s tees and was written before we stepped into Adult & Dog Clothing and our Simply Loving Animals Collections.¬† But you’ll still get the jist of what we do around here and see some fun photos if you read them. ūüėČ

There are SOOOO many options for kids clothes these days, and honestly 99% of them are SUPER CUTE, right?! ¬†I love shopping for clothes for my kids. ¬†But when I started selling kid’s clothes a couple of years ago, I quickly learned that not all kids clothing is created equal, not even close. ¬†And most clothing¬†harms Mother Earth a lot more than you would think.

Our children will live on an Earth that could be quite different from ours, and imagine our grandchildren, or GREAT grandchildren!  What will Mother Earth look like for them?

Cute kid's graphic tees made from recycled water bottles and organic cotton | Trendy Little Sweethearts

I picture the whales we help swimming in the ocean, and the elephants going about their daily lives in Africa, and it seems impossible to raise money to help, while harming the Earth we share at the same time.

By no means do I claim to be a model for sustainability. ¬†Nor am I an expert. ¬†As you get to know me, you’ll come to find a mom who simply works each day to better understand the impact my business has on the world, and how I can make that better.

This post has¬†background on why eco-friendly, sustainable clothing is important, and how we’ve made choices to provide the best product we think is available on the market. Continue reading →

One of my favorite discoveries while living in Tokyo was the Furoshiki wrapping cloth. ¬†I came across this nifty cloth¬†a few weeks after we moved there (foreigners in Tokyo run¬†an awesome “hello wagon” called Welcome Furoshiki and they give you one). ¬†I couldn’t get enough of it!

I began¬†wrapping everything¬†in them, especially gifts. ¬†I even used them to carry food and wine¬†to dinner parties. ¬†They’re super economical and provide a unique option for¬†eco-friendly gift wrapping. ¬†The best part: I can wrap (and re-wrap) gifts with my daughter, and teach her about eco-friendly gift wrapping options at the same time. Continue reading →