Saving Elephants with David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Carers at David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust walking elephants around the forest to eat breakfast

I’m always looking for ways to CONNECT YOU MORE with the animals we help.  I know that you’re busy, and it’s not often that you get to go behind the scenes and see how your shirt makes a difference.

Below is a working list of links to David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust videos, good reads, etc. so that you can get your quick DOSE OF ELEPHANT LOVE.  You can even share some of these with your kids!

Videos to Learn about DSWT Elephants

5 Minute Readings

An Overview of DSWT Projects

Please let me know if you find another resource that you love so that I can add it here for others.

If you would like to shop our elephant shirts and donate to David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) with your purchase, click here to shop.  If you would like to donate directly, click here to donate.

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