QUICK NOTE: This three part series is specific to our kid’s tees and was written before we stepped into Adult & Dog Clothing and our Simply Loving Animals Collections.¬† But you’ll still get the jist of what we do around here and see some fun photos if you read them. ūüėČ

If you haven’t figured this out yet… I am INSANELY excited about the hand-printed shirts in¬†our new Animal Rescue Collection! ¬†(This is a 3 part series. ¬†Click to read Part 1: Made in the USA¬†or¬†Part 3: Organic, Eco-friendly, Sustainable)

Each shirt is unique, with its own personality, printed by hand in my shop.

Yep that’s right! ¬†I personally draw designs, burn screens, and print every single shirt that leaves my shop here in L.A. ¬†My favorite part of doing this is that NOT ONE ITEM IS THE SAME¬†as the next.

If we’ve been lucky enough to see you at a show, you know what I mean. ¬†Some shirts have a light, “vintagy” print, while some have a bold, sharp print. ¬†And others fall all over the spectrum between those two opposites!

There are probably 100 factors that play into the final look of each shirt. Are you curious how the process works?

Trendy Little Sweethearts | Hand-printed, Eco-friendly, Animal Rescue tshirts for kids
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The hand-lettered¬†design category is where our new Animal Rescue shirt collection began! ¬†Last Summer,¬†when I was introducing Max (aka boy’s clothes) to¬†Trendy Little Sweethearts, a friend of mine and I were hanging out on the beach for a 4th of July party. ¬†We were talking about how we love t-shirts with funny sayings and how when you find a shirt that resonates with you, you could wear that thing forever!

"I'm a proud supporter (addict?) of shirts that speak to me... And putting them on my kids... I mean... perfection!"

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