Behind the Scenes of our DTLA-Inspired Walk the Dog Collection

Quick heads up: This is an old blog post from 2015.  We only have a couple of the hipster pants left.  Email me at if you’d like to inquire about a pair of them.  Thank you!

The inspiration for our Walk the Dog Collection stems from daily life in Downtown LA (lovingly called DTLA by locals).  DTLA is an eclectic mix of urban & chic, trendy & down-to-earth, style, people, and straight-up attitude.


One thing I do A LOT in my DTLA life is walk my dogs.  We have walked the city blocks surrounding my loft more times than I could ever count, and never do we have the same experience twice.

This easily poured into picking pieces for our Walk the Dog experience.  In our story, Max rolls out of bed to walk his dog on a daily basis, and Maddie visits the local shelter since she doesn’t have a dog of her own.  


Max and Maddie illustration of our walk the dog outfits

The pieces in our Walk the Dog Collection are each unique and perfect for little urban hipsters.  I personally hand-picked these items in Japan and brought them back with me.  So these are unique, unique, unique and FULL of attitude!


The coolest thing about our Walk the Dog Collection is that it organically provides a multitude of ways to give back.

  1. By sharing Max & Maddie’s story with your little one, you can introduce the idea of visiting animals who need a home
  2. Each purchase from our Walk the Dog Collection sponsors a “Doggie Pack” that will be donated to help animals in the DTLA area
  3. You can recreate Max or Maddie’s adventure yourself and visit your local shelter!  It’s a simple way to give back and teach children compassion at a young age.  If you do, snap a photo and share with #justlikemax #justlikemaddie or #justlikemaxandmaddie. I would LOVE to see and share your experience reading or walking dogs!

Every photo of an animal and child together genuinely warms my heart and makes my day!  I’m so excited to have the opportunity to blend these two HUGE passions in my life.  Join me in creating this passion for your children.  xo

Max & Maddie's Walk the Dog (& Read to Dogs) Adventure

Max and Maddie
are two cool friends,
who love great fashion
and all new trends.

Because they love
to dress in style,
they even walk the dog
in high profile!

Max has a dog
who is older than him,
but Man! He has energy,
at 6 AM!

Tiger licks his hand
and wakes him up,
every morning,
he walks that pup!

Maddie doesn’t have a dog,
but she loves to volunteer,
and read to the little ones
with big giant ears.

They live at the shelter
and are looking for homes.
She helps them to be happy
so they are not alone.

The dogs always love
when she brings her favorite books.
It seems like they listen…
but they give her funny looks!

Do you have a favorite dog
that you can read to?
we’d love to hear from you!

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