Behind the Scenes: Made in the USA

Maddie representing Made in America Trendy Little Sweethearts Tees

QUICK NOTE: This three part series is specific to our kid’s tees and was written before we stepped into Adult & Dog Clothing and our Simply Loving Animals Collections.¬† But you’ll still get the jist of what we do around here and see some fun photos if you read them. ūüėČ

We are so proud of the shirts behind our new Animal Rescue Collection! ¬†I can’t wait to share all of the awesome details with you. ¬†This is Part 1 of a three part series. ¬†After this, read Part 2: The Art of Hand-printing in L.A. and Part 3: Organic, Eco-friendly, Sustainable¬†

Let’s start with…

97% of garments sold in the USA are made OUTSIDE of the USA. Only 3% are still manufactured here at home. I am so pumped to say we fall into that 3%!

Our shirt manufacturer is located in New York!  With a heavy focus on ENVIRONMENT and SUSTAINABILITY, here are some reasons I think they are AWESOME:

  • HIGHLY-SKILLED ARTISANS produce quality, timeless¬†pieces
  • Artisans apprentice THE NEXT GENERATION, passing down priceless¬†skills
  • The factory RECYCLES its own water! ¬†This reduces¬†consumption and cuts¬†down on water treatment and waste water
  • They use LOW-IMPACT DYES, reducing water quality impact during manufacturing
  • GOTS-certified (organic cotton certification, meaning no chemicals/pesticides, safer working conditions, fair pay, no child labor, etc)
  • They support ENVIRONMENTAL NON-PROFITS, giving back even more

I print all of our shirts in Los Angeles in my own print studio

Yep!  At least for now, our shirts are all printed in Los Angeles.  And how about the rest of our materials?  All Made in the USA!

Sleeve Labels on Animal Rescue Tee | Trendy Little Sweethearts

Our sleeve labels are made in¬†Massachusetts by a husband and wife team before they are shipped to us to sew. ¬†They’re phenomenally talented with years of experience as fiber and graphic artists.

My mom is the seamstress behind the label sewing of the first release of the Animal Rescue Collection. (And as many additional collections as I can talk her into doing! ūüėČ )

Sewing Label for Animal Rescue Tee | Trendy Little Sweethearts

Our water-based ink is made in North Carolina by¬†a company with roots in high-end fine art pens all the way back to 1915! ¬†They’ve been supplying artists for over 100 years!

Hand-printed Tshirts to help charities | Trendy Little Sweethearts

And even our hang tags and activity cards are printed in Las Vegas by a company with eco-friendly practices at the core of its business.

Max & Maddie on Trendy Little Sweethearts Charity-Based Tee Hang Tag

From New York to Los Angeles, with plenty of stops in between, all of these suppliers¬†make me just beam with pride for our new shirts. ¬†It’s so exciting to have landed on something (after months of testing!) that is made up of so many tiny parts, each from very special, very talented people across the US.

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