We individually hand-print everything in Los Angeles and send donations to animal rescue groups with each purchase. Everything we sell is made from recycled bottles.

Brandy & Shawn Montague Family - Trendy Little Sweethearts Owners

Our Family

This is us! I’m Brandy… creator of Trendy Little Sweethearts, mom to 4 adorable kids (2 of them of the furry nature… and 2 of the human kind), wife to the most patient man ever.  I lead a crazy life. I work hard to simplify, but…

to be honest, I'm not very good at it!

Clothes are a part of our every day comedy routine. And I say that in the most dramatic way possible. 

I mean seriously, could you have ever imagined how hard it would be to dress and get your child out the door in the morning!

The Road to Here

I started TLS♥ in 2014, when I illustrated a book, BoilerMAKER, about a little girl and her mom exploring Purdue University. This little girl, Maddie, was curious and adventurous. In reading with my daughter, I realized that she could relate to Maddie. And dressing like Maddie was a fun and unique idea.

We began curating outfits from the Fashion District of L.A.

just a few blocks from our loft.  I drew each of the outfits on Maddie, and wrote little adventures about how she wore them. The following year we expanded by adding Max and his unique hipster style, curated in Tokyo, just a train ride from that apartment (we’ve moved a lot ;-).

I found myself gravitating toward creating adventures that instilled a sense of socially-conscious thinking

It was so cool to see Max & Maddie do something for the community, and to know that little kids everywhere were hearing those stories.

At the start of 2016, my husband and I decided to shift Max & Maddie’s adventures to be 100% charity-focused.

1st Hand-printed Collection

Our inaugural collection focuses on animals. I have been involved in supporting animal rescue around the globe since 2006. Through that experience,

I've met volunteers who dedicate their lives to saving lives

It’s nothing short of amazing to see the hard conditions they work under, both physically and emotionally.  Yet they never give up.

This experience gave me a strong network to explore various charities and find small groups that really need help.

I’m so excited that it is now a part of my every day life to help others at the exact same time I work on my business.

It's a dream come true, and I'm SO thankful for you

Yes, YOU. You’ve read through this long page and you’re still here! It truly means the world to me.

I’d love if you will join me on this adventure and help shape the future of our brand.

What to do Next?

Need to contact us?  Our contact info is all here.  In a hurry?  Text 213-267-2043