In a time of "Fast Fashion" I am proud to say we ARE NOT a fast fashion company.

Eco-friendly vintage style animal tshirts for kids

We believe that t-shirts are THE MOST PRACTICAL piece of clothing that you can buy, and they are likely to be worn far more than anything else.  Once you grow tired of them, they can be made into a pillow, a blanket, or even a dog chew toy!

Our shirts are made from:

  • Recycled bottles (my favorite part, your shirt helps the environment)
  • Organic and reclaimed cotton (again, doing our small part to help)
  • They may be THE SOFTEST shirts on the planet.

They are hand-printed:

  • by me, in my shop
  • with water-based non-toxic inks
  • because of the art of hand-printing, each one IS UNIQUE

They are Made in the USA:

  • the fabric
  • the shirts
  • the ink
  • the tags
  • the packaging
  • everything by small USA businesses

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